A downloadable Reflection for Windows and macOS

Follow the story of Millie as she returns to her childhood home after the passing of her mother. 

When she enters the master bedroom of her parents to start cleaning, Millie discovers the door has been locked behind her. In order to leave, Millie must relive the memories and childhood trauma that happened within her family. 

Only through the process of self-reflection can Millie truly escape the bounds her family placed on her, come to terms with her grief and leave her past behind.

The controls of Reflection are very simple, it plays like your normal first-person game,

  • WASD to move Millie around
  • F to inspect or interact with your surroundings. Also, to skip dialogue
  • E to pick up and use items
  • R to reflect through mirrors
  • SHIFT to hold to see the inventory, scroll up and down to cycle items
  • TAB  to toggle viewing the journal
  • ESC to pause the game and see options

The player's main tool to their disposal will be to travel through mirrors, seeing the same room they are in but 20 years in the past. For this, the player can:

  • See a mirror that shows a reflection in the past.
  • The player will be prompted to "visit" the past when near a mirror.
  • Then, they will be transported to the mirror world.

Developers (UofT CS) - Zuhab Wasim (Team Lead), Lakshya Gupta, Meilin YangValerie Roussel, and Mian (Dennis) Wang

Art/Design (OCADU) - Tim Chang, Jade Boyd, and Yue (Martin) Lin

Audio (UofT Music) - Aidan Mcconnell, and Heeyun (Briana) Lee

Voice Actors - Briana Lee as Millie, Arohan Dutta as David, Emma Westecott as Constance, and Jaden Wan as Johnson.

And our lovely playtesters <3 

Thank you for reading and please see below for progress updates!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorszuhab, InTheCratersOnTheMoon, Flryang, dmwang, Lakshya2610, Xintc, IkanaideXD
Tags3D, First-Person, Narrative, Story Rich

Install instructions

Download the game by clicking on the download button.

Locate the downloaded .zip file and extract the contents to a folder of your choosing.

Using 7-Zip,

Using WinRAR,

Now simply go into your newly extracted folder and run the Reflection.exe file.

The game should now open and run, full-screened. Enjoy!


Reflection v.1.0.4.zip (Latest Version) 139 MB
Reflection v.1.0.3.zip (for MAC) 169 MB
Reflection for Level Up.zip 126 MB
Reflection (Low Spec).zip 126 MB
Beta Release v2.rar 89 MB
Feedback Report.pdf 15 MB
Feedback Adjusted Build.rar 66 MB
Design Document.pdf 25 MB
Design Doc Presentation.pdf 7 MB
Creative Brief.pdf 12 MB
Idea Pitch.pdf 2 MB

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Great potential. Love the atmosphere and feel. Amazing work :)


Thank you so much! 

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lovely game :)

*edited* i cried a lot

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thank u :)

*edited* me too